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Dont Think GSA Captcha Breaker Is Working - Any Suggestions?

Hi Guys,

My GSA Captcha Breaker is not working has anyone had this problem and found a solution? here is a link showing the  error message. any help would be much appreciated.


Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    OK so it can have 4 issues

    1. SER is not running as admin

    2. global option to solve by CB is not checked

    3. project option is unchecked to ask captcha services

    4. your proxies are actually not working and SER doesn'T even sees captchas as all downloads fail.


  • SvenSven

    This doesn't mean it is not working. It can also mean that it can not solve the captchas.

    Do you see it getting captchas in the log window of CB ?

  • mo1962mnmo1962mn ireland

    Hiya Sven,

    In campaigns before I seen it trying to solve the captcha but now I don't see it doing anything in the log wind window of CB?

  • mo1962mnmo1962mn ireland

    That's it sorted now. bloody thing has gone nuts now, but in a good way. I run it as Admin as you said.

    Many thanks


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