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how to move all email from junk to inbox

I see a lot of people that are working with hotmail account adreses ...and i want to ask you how do you move all emails from junk to inbox. thanks!


  • SvenSven

    Make sure you setup it the way to not block any spam emails.

    1. Login to the hotmail account, go to Options->More Options, in the top right.

    2. Click on "Rules for sorting new messages" under "Customizing Hotmail"

    3. Click on New.

    4. In Step 1 make sure the first selection box is set to "Sender's address", and the second box is set to "contains". Lastly put the @ symbol/character in the box.

    5. In Step 2 make sure "Move to Inbox" is selected.

    6. Hit the Save button.

  • edited May 2015
    Sven, i just tried this but there is an error ...what i did is right?

  • dsonline same for me.... seems @sven solution is old.
  • SvenSven
    Sorry, but then try something like adding "." or anything else...maybe add 26 filters with the alphabet on it.
  • NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp

    Can you update the gsa ser to search the emails in the junk folders too?
  • SvenSven
    no, thats nothing the pop3 protocol allows. Thats something you have to configure manually.
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