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When duplicate only options submitted and verified in the new its not zero


Very often it happends to me that when i duplicated a project, just the options, the new its not zero in submitted and verified, it has like random numbers.



  • SvenSven
    almost impossible...this can not happen as this duplication is just duplicating the *.prj file which can not hold verified/submitted :/
  • edited May 2015
    But maybe im in the twilight zone :)

    But, its occurs to me in 3 different VPS (W7)

    I select 3 or 4 projects and duplicated and very often 1 or 2 of the new projects its not zero submitted & zero duplicated but it shows some number.

    Im not saying it really has data, it just shows numbers.

    I will install Team Viewer and let you watch (and believe !!) that i am not completely crazy, not drunk at all, no drugs... im 100% clean :)

  • @Sven

    I insist that there should be an option that every X time GSA could put everything in zero in my projects automatically, delete history, delete all, as if newly created it and start ABSOLUTELY fresh. Thus really serious, just run and forget, that is, it would be wonderful. 

    Please meditate on that and you will understand how wonderfull will the life will be if you add this option, you will go to heaven :)
  • @Sven, i have proofs, watch this video.
    Maybe is because im duplicating 5 project at the same time, but does not sounds like a real reason.

    Watch it on full screen

  • SvenSven
    thanks for the video, can you send me the projects so I can try to reproduce it as you did? When I take any of my projects, it's not that way.
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    Yes, i will sent you a copy. However, no matter the project (this was some test projects, but however it should not do this) this is strange and should not happends i guess :P

    *What do you mean by "it's no that way"? Is there a most correct way to do it? I did this in a hurry and i found this, that i believe its a bug.

  • SvenSven
    Naw I mjeant whenever I tried it here, I was not able to get such strange numbers.
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    I does not happends ALL the time, but in 30% or 40% of the times and not only in one VPS.
    I will first send you the Team Viewer details, so you can see it "in place".

    About this i will continue this contact in PM.

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