i have purchased two sets of proxies 20 semi dedicated from and for some reason there been disabled straight away in GSA why is this there brand spanking new and only been used for seconds they just go down one by one until theres none left working


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    Not exactly sure why they are disabled; try testing them again in ser and untick the box the disables when not working. Could be because they are semi private and other users have spammed the proxy or it's bandwidth to death. Personally I don't use I have a decent vpn running and use proxybandit to scrape/post/verify on top of the proxies and haven't had any issues with them at all. 
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  • I had the same issues with them , the good thing is that their support is really good and they replace them withing minuts.

    But after changing the proxies 4-5 times in one day i just got tired and changed provider, they were really good like 1-2 years back. But it could just be that someone was abusing the proxies in the same range perhaps.

    I am considering buying again from them, but someone unsure becayse i dont want to end up spending my day requestiing New ones

  • The is no need to request any from solidproxies its all automatic matey.
  • craigbal1  are you sure that your posting list isn't full of slow/dead sites. That could be a reason why the proxies get disabled. If a few pages can't be loaded, GSA assume that is the proxies fault

    Also you might use too many connections for your internet, which will make each connection slow and a lot of the pages will timeout and again, GSA will blame the proxies

    If you test the proxies against bing/google, do they pass?
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    I tried solid proxies and my experience was negative, i suggest buyproxies dedicated  or some other socks proxy service which also rotate
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