Joomla K2 - Anyone Having Problems?

Up until yesterday I had a list of hundreds of Joomla K2 sites that I could post to and get verified links from.

But since yesterday I get no verified links from this platform, despite submitting hundreds.

I've tried changing my emails and proxies, but there is no improvement. I don't get a single verified Joomla K2 link.

Is anybody else having a problem with this?

Joomla K2 still working for other people?


  • I'm currently having the same problem as well maybe they updated their platform and just needs to be updated on SER's side.
  • luckyman2luckyman2 Aku ada di sini untukmu :*
    Maybe .. many platform is broken, we are just waiting for volunteers to updated or use premium services (if you can't updated the platform template)
  • Sorry, I guess I spoke to Soon.  It seems to be doing well for me still.
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