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Captcha Breaker and Traffic Travis?

edited January 2013 in Need Help
Can someone please walk me through on how to use Traffic Travis with Captcha Breaker?

In Captcha Breaker I have selected to simulate DeCaptcher and DeathByCaptcha and when I try either one in the options with login details deathbycaptcha says "Service is unavailable" and deCaptcher says "Login Details Incorrect". DeCaptcher does tell me the correct balance if I put the correct port they give me, but then it says balance $0.00. :(

Please help!


  • SvenSven
    fixed a bug with death by captcha simulation but for DeCaptcher it is already working. Make sure you use the same port in the program and in CB.
  • (add in sven comment) Make sure, you did not installed captcha snipper or such tools which working with decaptcher API, in case you used any one, make sure your host file is cleared and there are no entry for Thanks
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