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Who can teach GSA CB to solve Kcaptcha ?

Has anybody success in kcaptcha breaking? My xrumer can solve this captcha type but i can't teach it my GSA CB. GSA developer are you planning to teach solving this captcha type in future updates?


  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    The best i've got it was 10% I think.

    @Sven will need to add some internal functions or maybe some type of new filter or something in CB because the characters are so close together.

    What % does xrumer solve it?
  • xrumer solves it very good, i don't know % but success in posting mode is high
  • I'm interested on this too! Any answer about this?
  • SvenSven

    Im open for ideas but in the end it's pretty much the same problem:

    1) chars are all merged and no space between them -> hard to cut

    2) words are in cursive -> I can handle this


    If anyone has a good filter for problem 1 -> let me know

  • xrumer solve kcaptcha 1.x

    i uploaded the new kcaptcha 1.x improvement and u will recieve it on the next update

     i will solve the other versions of kcaptcha later
  • sven ... xrumer solve kcaptcha 1.x 70% and solve kaptcha 1.2.x not more than 30%
    i dont think the succes rate of version 2 is high in xrumer because its ocr not that different from gsa cb
    i will contact them to get the new success rates soon.

    am working on the version 2 and might solve it on the next updates soon
  • Why not just use a 3rd party captcha service? :) It's a hard to break captcha for desktop solvers.
  • maybe because they dont have money for extra third party solving service
  • @mashafeeq, well an OCR is gonna be needed sooner or later for higher verification rate as it seems more and more sites are using Recaptchas these days.
  • we are trying our best to provide best solving ocr for all existing captchas types .. it might take some time put there hope
  • this is Urbtix captcha it has this rate:



    any way to improve?
  • damn i post on wrong site sorry
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