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What "Must Match.." and "Add if match." means ?

I'm trialling GSA, thanks for this awesome product.

One captcha I found uses fixed chars. I found that Use Mask is my best option.

I have some doublts about those options:
- Must match at least by ...
- Add if match is less then..

Probably is the language barrier. But can you explain what those options mean ? With some example please =)

Would you consider a feature of loading examples for each char and searching it in
the image ? It is very simple subimage search problem. I'm about to write it in python to reach 100%


  • SvenSven

    Must match at least by

    Means if that previously created mask for a char matches by the set percentage, it is using that result, else it skips this char and the whole solution is set to skipped.

    Add if match is less then

    If you add new masks, it is only adding new masks if the to be added mask is not matching any previous added mask by that set percentage.

  • Thank yoou !!
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