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verified url with anchor on article

edited January 2013 in Other / Mixed
how i can input a verified link with a anchor inside my article?

this macro %verified_anchor_text% use the anchor text but links to URL not to verified links.

this macro %verified_url% use a verified url but without anchor....

i tried to do this <a href="%verified_url%">%verified_anchor_text%</a>

but all the social networks and articles platforms don't accept this, for some reason they remove the space between <a href> they modify this as <ahref> and this link is not working.... 

how i can link to 1 verified url inside my article


  • SvenSven
    Hmm I can't see why this would happen really. IS that happening for you on TEST or on submission?
  • on submission, all the links in articles are like this <ahref="sdjsodj">asdad</a>

    i don't know why the space between A and Href its removed, i though it was some security thing from some platforms but this happens in all contextual platforms
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