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Question About Email Accounts When Only Building Links From a Unique URL List

I have a handful of second tier sites which I own on different hosting accounts which all point to my money site. I'm going to be creating links to those domains by importing and exclusively using a big scraped list of targeted (used my keyword + specific platform based advanced operators footprint searches) Scrapebox found URLs, and drip feeding them indefinitely and slowly each day.

My question is do you think I'd be fine just using new email accounts associated with my domains for this campaign?

MIND YOU that I didn't sort out duplicate domains in the scraped list. If I did it would take my URL list down from nearly 1 Million to 200,000. Should I just go ahead and do that so that GSA SER doesn't build more than one link from the same domain to each of my individual money sites? That would probably be a lot safer in terms of using just a handful of new email accounts for each domain, yes?

Any insight on that last paragraph would really be helpful as I move forward, thanks community!


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