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How to verify using an external SMTP server?


I bought both Spider & Verifier a few months ago and haven't been using them much yet.
Since then, I've started reading on mail servers and found out that the likely cause of my issues while verifying is that almost all SMTP that I would verify against require:

- rDNS circuit
- SPF records
- Using a static IP address and not a dynamic one

I understand that the most important requirement is rDNS and using a static IP address.
But in order to be assured that the results are as best as possible, I'd like to use a pre configured SMTP server.

Is that possible somehow? I didn't see the option in the app.
If not, could I get most of the benefits by doing all the above in the VPS I install the software on (except for DKIM, which requires signing)?



  • SvenSven

    Well what program you mean in particular? GSA Email Spider allows sending emails directly without smtp server, but thats of course seen as spam for most receiving servers. I also don't think it will make a difference if you run it from a place where all the above is ok.

    Email Verifier however works best if you can provide all the above. A static IP however, is the most important one.

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