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★★★★★ - High Quality Content | Only $0.4 per 100 words | Never Seen Before!★★

IMCapitalistIMCapitalist United States
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  • IMCapitalistIMCapitalist United States
    edited April 2015
    Hi everyone,

    We are offering you guys 1 x 500 words free review copy to test our service for the first 5 people that has at least 25 post or more.

    Just reply down below with your chosen niche and we'll send you the goods within 72 hours or less. Thank you!

    Also, on another note, here's a direct link to our article samples:

    Just let me know if you have any questions about the service.
  • I would like to test review but let me know your reply, so i will PM you with my keyword to write article.
  • Can you send free review copy..? i don't have 25 post but i will buy a lot articles  Thanks
  • Would be interested in checking out your service. I will PM you the niche.
  • @imcapitalist will PM you the niche
  • IMCapitalistIMCapitalist United States
    edited May 2015
    Hello Guys, Thank you for your reply.

    all posts have been PMed
  • IMCapitalistIMCapitalist United States
    Hello guys all review Copies have been sent! 
    waiting for your positive feedback

    One More slot for review copy!

  • Would it be good enough for Tier 1 content?
  • @IMCapitalist did me a review copy.

    Decent enough, perhaps not M$ good, but certainly good enough for T1 or PBN use.

    If the quality of the articles are as good as the sample, then I'll be back for more.
  • edited May 2015
    I have checked the sample articles (the travel one) in first paragraph i found sentences like:
    As long as you're traveling alone, then you’re automatically has that title.
    You must have a lot of going on in your mind.
    From will you get a hotel, to second guessing your decision to travel alone, up to will you get mugged and will be able to return or not.

    That's about 75% of the entire first paragraph.

    Now i wouldn't put that on my PBN or T1. It's the same quality that you get with any automated spinner.

  • Eeek that looks quite bad...
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