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Bug or just a moneygrab

Thought i might test de captcha and bought 30 usd Worth or credits, that should amount to 15000 captchas With their rate of 2 usd pr 1000 captchas.

To my surprse when it add it to GSA SER, i get a Message saying "Please not that we charge 6 usd pr 1000 captchas With "

That is a increase of 4 usd pr 1000, feels liek Shady business considering this is not mentioend anywere on their site

Were does the extra 4 usd go to ? 


  • Nevermind, used the API Version and now the Message is not there anymore.

    Lets hope its still 2 usd pr 1000 and not 6 usd

  • SvenSven
    Well we have our reasons for this. And it is mentioned a lot on forums and in program itself. What else did you expect? It's not like we do not warn you, else it would be shady indeed.
  • Perhaps using the Word Shady was abit harsh....but anyways thanks for the response.

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