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This is for anyone that uses PBN's. If you do not know what a PBN is then you will not understand this. 

I will find you some PBN's that you can register in your niche (the niche is what majestic considers the niche) for less than $10 each. I only deal with Majestic TF. So no PR domains as this is pretty much outdated now. No DA as it is easy to manipulate. 

The Majestic TF will be 20 + 

As I am giving these away you need to do your due diligence on the domain . Just post a general keyword phrase and I will post some available domains. 

If you don't want to post you can message me.

Yes I am using software to do this. 


  • Ha Ha the title is supposed to be for Free no FEE
  • This is a nice idea, but surely the domains will be useless the second you post them on here? I mean, no one is going to want details of their feeder sites posted on an open forum, are they?

    Maybe better for people to post on here if interested, and then handle the rest via PM?

  • @2Take2 Thank you for actually taking time to read and post.

    I would not post the sites on here I would send them privately even thou my original post does say that.

    What I said they could post is their general niche.

    For example home and garden. I can then find some sites which Majestic feels are from that niche and PM them to that person.
  • Sounds good to me, tell me more  :)
  • @jon2009

    Just PM your general niche and I will send you some available domains that you could use as a PBN of redirect

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