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Parasite Pages / Websites

I know this isn't an SEO forum per-say, but Is anyone out there ranking parasite pages / websites?

I've been trying to rank a Facebook, Weebly, Blogger etc... using a Tier 1 of GSA Contextuals backed up by pure spam. I really havent been able to get anything in the top 100 except for Amazon pages (Which I can get in the top 10). My on-page SEO and anchor text ratios are all fine, kinda wondering why I cant seem to get any success.

I have no problem getting a good LPM, a number of verified links, scraping lists etc... my problem is ranking stuff. All of that is useless if I cant rank!

Anyone got any tips?


  • BroMichaelBroMichael United States
    What's a parasite website? 
  • It's when you take a site that has high authority / trust in the eyes of Google.

    So sites like Facebook, Amazon, Weebly, Buzzfeed, Youtube etc...

    You then spam them and theoretically Google gives more trust to those links.
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