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Can GSA SER custom Anchor (One Keyword / 1 URL)?

My site has 40+ pages with different keywords, I wold like to have custom keyword1:url1, keyword2:url2 .. for Tier 1
(Keywords are in the same category, just different words) Is it possible with GSA SER?
Thank you


  • SvenSven
    You can click on EDIT next to the input button for the URLs. There youc an add the anchor text if thats it what you need.
  • WanChariWanChari Thailand
    Oh, how I forgot this. Thank you so much.
  • hi @sven ,, i have the same problem, my site has alot of categories with differents keyword,

    i've tried to click on EDIT in the "URL" form and adding in "my site categories url" and "keywords" for anchor text,

    but i when try to look on preview,it was ignoring those anchor text i added and still using the anchor text from the "Anchor Text Based On Main Keyword" in the form below.

    am i missing something to set up ?
  • SvenSven
    yes, you propably entered it wrong. Usually the Preview is not 100% exact but in this case it should work fine.
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