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ቑ SuperYAC - [Super Yahoo Account Creator] - Forwarding, Aliases, Disposables, No Captchas!

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Create 303 Emails in 70 Seconds

  • Pricing structure can be found on main site (subject to change).
  • Trial version available: 24 hours limit, 50 accounts limit, 10 disposables/acct limit.
  • Please read wiki first before opening a support ticket.
  • Please write a review to help others, if you have time.
  • There is a 72-hour refund window after the first purchase.
  • There are no refunds for recurring payments.
  • Please take note of the links below.


  • wow this seems promising is there trial on this software? i want to try it
  • @halyosy - There is a trial, you just need to click on the image above, enter your email into the field, click "download now" button and the details are sent to your email address
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    SuperYAC vs SuperHAC


    SuperHAC is built entirely around the captcha. It is built to minimize the cost of captchas and create accounts for the cheapest price possible. With SuperYAC, Yahoo does ask for captcha solving, but by using cookies, we are able to bypass captchas, resulting in account creation at no cost whatsoever. And resulting in this is faster account creation than SuperHAC without waiting for the captcha to be solved. Captchas and do pop up sometimes still. When a captcha is triggered for an IP address, they usually continue popping up for that IP. Once in a while, the captcha doesn't pop up again, so there is an option labeled "Skip captchas" which will restart the account creation process for that IP without solving the captcha. However, 9 times out of 10, the captcha will continue to reappear till a "error 999" (IP blocked) message appears. So, included in the software is an option labeled "Mark IP blocked if captcha appears", which will add the IP to the blocked list and won't be used for account creation for x hours. The amount of time before the "error 999" is lifted seems to vary, so there is an option called "Blocked IP interval" where you can set the amount of time before a blocked IP will be attempted to be used again.

    Phone Verification

    Along with captchas, phone verification seems to pop up randomly depending on the phone number used. A phone number is required for each account registration. Yahoo seems to be very strict with phone verification, so using phone numbers from sites like Twilio are unable to be used. Once I gather enough phone numbers of my own, I will be able to include phone verification as an extra. But the good news is that phone verification is NOT required and is not needed to unlock any features as opposed to SuperHAC when phone verification is required for forwarding.

    You can supply your own phone numbers or you can let SuperYAC grab a random phone number from FakeNameGenerator. Sometimes these phone numbers will result in an "Invalid phone number" error, but the process will simply restart again.

    IP Limit vs IP Blocked

    In SuperHAC, we were limited to 3 accounts per IP per 24 hours. Once the IP limit is hit for a specific IP/proxy, the address is added to a list and is used again only once the 24 hours had passed. SuperYAC is a bit different in that there is no definite account limit per a time period. Instead, there is a "error 999" page which means that the IP is blocked. There is no definite trigger for an IP being blocked but will usually happen after a certain number of times submitting the registration page. Some IPs can create around 15 accounts before is it blocked and others will only create a couple accounts. As mentioned earlier, when an IP is blocked, it is added to a blocked list. Once the the number of hours specified in the "Blocked IP interval" has passed, the IP will be used again for account creation.


    In SuperHAC, we have the following extras: POP, inbox rules, phone verification, email verification, aliases, and forwarding. In SuperYAC, we have: inbox rules, forwarding, aliases, disposables, and email verification. POP is automatically enabled for all Yahoo accounts. As mentioned earlier, phone verification is not included in SuperYAC for the time being. In SuperYAC, alias creation does NOT require email verification as it does in SuperHAC. A huge feature included in SuperYAC is disposables creation. These emails act the same as aliases in that all emails sent to the disposables will land in the main mailbox. The only difference is you can't login with the emails or access POP with the emails. Depending on the package, you can create as many as 2500 disposables per account! The disposables feature is highly recommended for all users who are looking to create Yahoo emails as quick as possible, especially for signing up on websites. You can use the disposable email to signup and simply use the main account details to login and verify the link. In this video, you can see SuperYAC create 303 emails in 70 seconds. For email verification in SuperHAC, we used disposable emails to email verify the account (change coming soon). In SuperYAC, you can supply your own email address to verify the account by supplying your POP details for the email. SuperYAC will access your mailbox via POP and click the link to verify the account. For forwarding in SuperHAC, we needed to phone verify the account first and then add the forwarding email address. In SuperYAC it is a bit different. We can add the forwarding email address first, but we need to email verify the account using the forwarding email before it is complete. For this reason, the "email 1" field for email verification is used for the forwarding email address (you can use email 1 without forwarding too). There is also "email 2" for additional email addresses you want to add to the account and verify.


    There is a free 24 hour trial available for testing. Everything is included. The only limitation is the time period and the number of accounts you can create is 50. There are also a couple message boxes. Simply enter your email address on the main page and the license details will be emailed to your email address.


    For SuperHAC, there are two options: monthly unlimited and lifetime unlimited. I plan to keep it this way. The Hotmail registration form was changed recently, but the software reflected the changes and is completely functional. hopefully there are no more big changes in the future. For SuperYAC, the packages limit the number of accounts you can create per month. Because the captcha does not need to be solved, this would give the incentive for people to load a bunch of public proxies or use HMA and let the software go to town at no cost. So we need to be careful not to create a crazy number of accounts that are not being put to use, because it could result in patches/changes on Yahoo's side which could ruin it for everyone. Because of this, I need to place some account creation limits per month. I tried to keep the cost as low as possible per 1000 accounts. As of right now, there are 6 monthly packages to choose from. On top of that, there are 3 lifetime options. All prices are subject to change over time.

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    - new forum:
    - Please make sure to read the wiki and known issues before submitting a support ticket

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    SuperYAC v1.0.0.7

    05/13/2015 v1.0.0.7
    - [new] option to skip HMA connection test
    - [fixed] captchas always showing up
    - [fixed] an ip blocked issue

    >>Full changelog
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    - Trial Reset:

    All SuperYAC trial licenses have been reset. If you want to test out the software again, head over to and use a different email than the one used previously.

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  • still this tool is not working when will it be fixed ?
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