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Can i Improve The Wrong Captcha In Captcha Breaker??

i see a lot of wrong captcha's .

My question is that let the captcha recieved by Gsa Breaker is 12345 and it replies the following 123459 .

than how to correct it.???


  • SvenSven
    by using the SDK ;) But there will always be some wrong / false positive detections. Especially if the engine for the captcha type has been detected wrong. However save the captchas or the URL it appears and I have a look on it.
  • @sven

    I have created my own solver for a captcha with 100% success rate, But, now CB detects some other web2.0 as right engine to use and cants solve 0% with it. While my own one can solve them 100%

    How can i fix this issue of detected wrong engine when feeding it a captcha?
  • SvenSven
    a)  delete it (will be back on update)
    b) uncheck and enable the option to treat unchecked captcha types as not present
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