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Deathbycaptcha, are they scamming me ?


So i have captcha breaker, and it Works just fine...but then i got the serengines sub and thought i should get a good captcha solving provider. And so i went on my marry way and got deadbycaptcha, filled it 10k captchas. After 6 hours it had eating all my credits and that did not reflect the verified that i had.

So bought more captchas, and tried it on a Tier 1 Project With serengines, as described in the PDF

and voila, ate all the credits in like no time ...2500 credits Down the drain withing 8 hours and only 122 verified ????

So i check the Dashboard on the deadbycaptcha website, and it says that they have successfully solved 8000 ish captchas, that is just BSSSSS

So basicly i am now looking for a solver that will work good With serengines Projects, does anyone have a suggestion on what to use ????

Been looking at de captcha , but need to get a few feedback on it before i buy



  • So here are the stats from the deathbycaptcha :

    User Details & Statistics

    Rate per 1000 CAPTCHAs:US$1.39
    NS Worker Compensation42.23%
    DBC Points:347.50
    Gold Membership Status:Disabled
    CAPTCHAs correctly solved:
    This week:7945
    Last week:0
    Nightshift captchas today:0
    Nightshift captchas this week :5370
    CAPTCHAs reported as incorrect:

    This week100
    Last week0
    Total252Performance level: *98.5%

    Performance Level 98.5% my asss, that is just a joke.

    Running a test now, and lets see how fast they can eat that last 13 bucks (1360 credits)

  • Hi Bnaimy, 

    I'm a rep. from DBC and I want to help you out! 

    Please note that each solved captcha doesn't necessarily means a verified link. For example, if the website where you're submitting your captchas is rejecting all the responses (for one reason or another), you will see the captchas as solved, but not many verified links. Remember that we charge per captcha solved, and not per verified link. 

    We recommend you checking your software configuration (Sven can definitely help you out with this). On the midtime, please provide us your account username through PM so we can check your account in our end. 

    If you need a hand with anything else, please let me know. 

    Best Regards, 
  • JamesJames
    Hi @bnaimy I have had a few people come to me with the exact same scenario. 

    All of the captcha retry logic is set within GSA SER.

    In my tests, it will retry a captcha 3 times and then fail the job.

    How many accounts and how many posts are you setting in your Scheduled Posting options?
  • Hi James,

    I had set the deadbycaptcha at 2 retries, and had only 1 Project and only the serengines Project was using that solving service. Even stopped eveything else

    And  the Schedule posting was set excatly like it was illustrated in the PDF, so i followed it to the point.

    Weird thing is that it would eat up 7000 captcha in half a day, and only have a 50-60 submitted links. After around half a day, it just did not go anywhere. The verified just went to zero after that, perhaps 4-5 in a day.

    I had around 100 Yahoo mails, fully working, and using 65 private proxies, i put the threads to 65 as well.

    Even lowered it to 25 at one point, but now i got some New proxies and will try again...perhaps that will solve the issue. But the main problem is that 20 bucks of catpchas are being spent pr day and i only have around 100 verified to show for it.

    Weird stuff

  • I reinstalled GSA SER, loaded the New proxies, only using deathbycaptcha as main service.

    Only 1 Project, that would be serengines, and i will set it up excatly as in the PDF

    And let it run for 3 hours or more, then ill get a good idea what its doing.

    Will be running 25 private proxies and at 25 threads

    Ill post my findings here With screenshoots and everything, and also see how much $$ i loose on the solving compared to submitted and verified. 

    Ill post it tomorrow

  • getting amazing results now, in just a few mins i have over 100 submitted.

    Change proxies from buyproxy to Proxy bandit, not sure if that did the trick. From the looks of it, i am getting very few errors compared to before and also getting shitloads of succesfull registrations.

    Keeping a Close eye on the captcha usage and will post results in a few hours to show how many verified it will get this time.


  • Results:

    Serengines is working like a charm after a few tweaks and increasing email accounts to 200. Have around 350 verified and still got 250 waiting to be verified.

    So looking good,and deathbycaptcha is playing nicely as well and not eating all my credits so far. 

  • bnaimy  so the problem was from proxy list?
  • Cant be 100% sure, but this is what i did.

    1:Reinstalled GSA SER and setup the entire project from the start

    2:Changed proxies from buyproxy to proxybandit

    3:Got 200 new Yahoo emails

    So far i have 1318 verified Web2 links and they are trickling in, and for some reason deatchbycaptha is plaing nice now. Its eating credits at a slow and nice pace

    Serengines say use 1 to 1 ration when it comes to proxies and threads....been running it at 250 threads With 25 proxies. And its been running for 24hours with good success.

    So for now all is good, LMP is around 8-9 but With my filters this is to be expected

  • JamesJames
    edited April 2015
    @bnaimy Great to hear.

    Yeah there are so many factors which can affect the Web2.0s as they are high quality and always trying to combat automatic submissions so once you have the right mix, go for it!

    Proxies and how captchas are solved are the biggest factor / most of the support related answers I have come across when people have low success.

    GSA SER is a powerful tool with SO MANY settings - my advice is just keep things basic, follow the pdf guide and get some good proxies and a human captcha solver!
  • Hey bnaimy, 

    I'm really glad to hear that everything is running fine again on your setup.
    Please feel free to contact me again if you have any other question, or need a hand with anything else. 

    Best Regards, 
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