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Question on Importing an Unsorted Scraped Scrapebox URL List

I have a big list of about 900,000 unique URLs from Scrapebox which I scraped using advanced search operators/platform footprints + my keyword so they should all be somewhat targeted.

Anyway I want to exclusively use them with my corresponding money site/lower tiered sites, not with other sites globally) so I was going to set up a new project and just import them in and make sure they didn't mix with the global site list.

My question is that I read somewhere that I should test the URL list out on a fake/non-existent URL first, is there any point in doing that for me? I just want to begin trying to build links out of this massive URL list to my related niche sites, so should I just go ahead and import the list into that project and ensure that it exclusively builds links from those URLs? Am I overthinking this basically?


  • SvenSven
    If you add the URLs directly to the project and use the project option to not add the URLs to the site list, it's all you need. No fake URL or alike.
  • Thank you.
  • I figured it would be fine to just throw them at a new project untested, sounds good.
  • BroMichaelBroMichael United States
    Just don't use an indexing service when you test them out, problem solved.
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