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Best Indexer At The Moment ? Indexing Still Needed?

I'm looking for an indexer and i kinda have 2 situations:

1) i build T1 links with gsa ser carefully, 50-100 per day - to each of them i build another 50-10 T2 links.
2) i build T1 links manually or with a tool like FCS and T2 links with GSA SER

Many projects, this would turn out 10-50k links per day.

I'm not doing C&B so my question is, do i really need indexing?

I've tried some indexing services 1 year ago which worked really well but then started to have some huge offline times (like weeks on end). I tried some other indexers but i was very disappointed, less than 40% indexed (and the ones indexed were the contextuals which are fairly easy to index).

So my question is, is there a decent indexer on the market right now? Something that provides decent indexing rates (60% or better) at a decent price?


  • KaineKaine
    I test that actually they are in beta test, 100% free at this time after register.
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    I feel indexing services are not needed personally.

    I feel that many of them leave a footprint for your URLs and I also feel that several of them ( who just also happen to sell verified/url lists too ) take your URLs you send them and turn around and sell them.

    I am 110% positive that others will feel differently and come in and start hating on what I just said though...
  • @kaine - how can register for free for ? It doesn't seem to me like a beta test, they have packages and prices and all...

    @identifiedurls - i kinda feel things your way, but i don't base my feelings on anything so i'm not quite sure right now. what makes you think that indexing is not really needed? i mean SER builds some crappy links, lately i have a lot of article links coming from joomla k2 pages, which are actually profile pages, google will find it pretty hard to discover them.

    yes, i'm building tiered campaigns, but is a 2nd and 3rd tier enough to get the higher tiers indexed? and what about the last tier (comment and other crap), should that get forcefully indexed or does it get naturally indexed?
  • For small quantities of links I use
    They index pretty fast.
  • mindmaster 
    i used services i submitted 1200 links all Above PR 3..

    and only 61 of them got indexed about 5 days.
  • dvolker ,

    What I do is instead of sending my links off to 3rd parties, I simply build backlinks to my links. This requires extra setup of course, but then I have full control of the whole process.
  • KaineKaine
    edited April 2015

    Sorry blankreferer make error with url and redirect to another website, it's here:

    Yes is totally free.

    Seem to be problem with blank referer if i enter url for in forum, i'm go on

    In html code i see url are replaced with that (like my previous post).
  • SvenSven
    Sorry for the confusion, indeed the affiliate links are inserted by a script of mine and it's not @Kaine doing it.
  • Seems that does not have api access with ser, so it would be kinda hard to use (time consuming actually, to add each file).
  • SvenSven
    SER has support for this indexer build in.
  • strange, i only saw in the ser indexer list, didn't see

    and in the admin of i don't have any api keys or anything, just an upload box to upload my file with the urls...
  • KaineKaine
    @Sven No problem ^^ :)
  • bagri0007 same for me. is not what was 1 year, 2 years ago... I think they just keep that service to build lists for gsa ser and then to sell.... because that people do, they submit all verified links and then they crawl them so.... seems like these types of index services doesnt work anymore and I guess the best you can do is to build tier2 pointed to your tier1 list to index them....
  • yea, that was my alternative, however i don't for sure how fast the T2 links get indexed...
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    dvolker i just tested with scapebox 2k list t1 verified list, also submitted to instantlinkindexer 10 days ago and just 300 are indexed.... 15% of them are indexed so... very low.
    Yes I'm using very high manual spun content(5 articles) only submitted to drupal, joomla k2, buddy press(article engines).

    edit: 1year ago i get 60-70% of index links with this service....
  • I know, indexers these days are pretty crappy, so instead of paying $25-50 per month for indexing, i would rather build an extra tier. My question is (for people who use tiers for indexing) if this actually works, if it gets your previous tiers indexed.
  • I start to using gsa ser 2 weeks ago again, so I test a method, I build only guest posts randomly blast to my tier1 list(I put all and per submit gsa ser chose a random url) and I hope to get them indexed.... I will try blog comments also.
  • Let me know how that works for you.
  • jsmithnms

    What results do you get??
    tell me also and i think the same they are selling the identified list from our urls only.

    I got a indexing method no money required but only problem is i cannot control the indexing rate drip feding .
  • NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp

    I have bought the SER, and its ok, its working for me fine. I have bought many indexing service to it, i have bought Onehourindexing (they have cheated me, its a fake service), now i using Indexification (i dont see any result, maybe fake). I thinking about the SEO Indexer. I heard good, and bad stories, so i dont know that your software is working, or not? What is the best online checking site, where i can check the SEO indexer its indexed the backlinks? I dont see any result, on any site the gsa seo indexer results (just stories).

    I dont want to waste time, just i dont know that this will working good, or waste my money, 

    Where can i check the backlink results (maybe showing in ahrefs or majestic?) how many time need the gsa seo indexer to see the google or the backlink checker sites? The software can crawling the links?

    The SER is AMAZING!!!! So Congratulations for that
  • @NetMajom SER has a built in Index check function in the verified URLs window or you can use Scrapebox too.
  • bagri0007 i build only guest posts to my tier1 links and i get indexed... not an amazing result but... seems to works....
  • The big problem is not the indexers, the problem is to check which are indexed. GSA nor does it well nor does well because Scrapebox burn Proxies.

    Try it, check with GSA or Scrapebox indexed, then gets 10 links that tell you they are not indexed and put the url in google search engine and probably most if they are. The problem is to check that they are indexed.

    I do not check it indexed, because it can not be that only after 1000 bonds indexed ARE 50 is simply that it is almost impossible to test them with certainty

    If you check the same list several times, you will have a different number of indexed.

    I use three indexers, besides the lower tiers, I do not bother checking indexed. I just I find that there is a link and that's it. Is a waste of time and resources check indexed and then erase huge lists where the vast majority if they are indexed. Try it that comment and see if you are indexed.
  • Sven, perhaps you should remove "Crazy indexer" I get zero response from them and their API isn't working for GSA.
  • porlapatria  u right, for me the proxies are not a problem because i scan for them and i get daily a few hundred but yeah SB burn them... i also noticed about 30-40% are get indexed so... thats the number..
  • KaineKaine
    edited May 2015
    Proxy comes to various country and i think, your link is not indexed (same ranking) everywhere ...
  • @jsmithnms - how do you scan proxies? can you PM me (or just post here) a good method to do it?
  • NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp
    I was very sceptic about the GSA SEO Indexer. As i wrote i used onehourindexing service (its a fake service) i used indexification service too (with very very low result), i bought the gsa seo indexerfor 2 days ago, and WOW, its amazing. Yeah, i know the software speed is not the highest (i have high end computer), but i have got AMAZING results. For the best result you must use proxies, but if you configured all well, it will works. 

    Congratulation @Sven the software is WOW!!!!!!! i waiting the update (do you will write changelog to the update?)
  • @NetMajom so u get nice results with GSA seo indexer vs BS index services? I start to use it yesterday... i will wait 1-2 days and then i will check my backlinks again to see a number.... @sven said u dont really need proxies, the result will be the same.
  • NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp
    Yes, i was very suprised about the seo indexer results. Its mostly the better indexing service. As i said the software speed is low, but i see only the results, what is amazing. I dont know the proxies are necessary, or dont, but i use proxies from the start, and maybe its contributed this great result.
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