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For those in doubt of GSA SER Performance - Check this...

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Well some seems to have issues with some engines - however I can asure you, that with the right keywords and footprints - you will see a miracle;)

Speed using my own custom footprints and keywords generated with my new tool Scraping Tool-Box:

This is done from my laptop using a 300/300mb connection!


Small sample of verified (see interval)


GSA SER is a monster - and does one hell of a job, with the proper patience, tools and patience;)

Check your proxies, emails, remove unused accounts - Normal House-Cleaning in other words. Finally - Keywords + Footprints!

It is in the small details, and that makes a huge difference - GSA SER is a fullblown machine, waiting for the right input from you!

BTW, be sure to check out the Automatic DropBox BackUP feature in version 1.3 of Scraping Tool-Box!


And here is an update of the speed (Same custom footprints and keywords):


That is 200.000 urls pr. minut from my home-connection;)


And of course a sample of more verified:

Now that is cool guys! In other words - GSA SER can produce verified like crazy

PS: I hope Sven will make this thread pinned - so others and new users can refer to this, when they are in doubt;)

PSS: I almost forgot to mention - I dont use DBC or ImageTypers here. Just CB + reCaptchaSolver

PSSS: Even more verified:



  • magicallymagically
    edited April 2015
    Of course we should also see some stats...

    Please notice the following: 

    - I'm only using 100 threads in this demonstration
    - Blogs (except SPIP), redirects etc are all disabled, as I'm aiming for articles.

    The Stats clearly shows progression, in fact it's increasing big time:
    (The line between 02:00 and 03:00 will of course look differently when we hit 04:00)

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