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Hi there everyone :)

We would like to give a few of you the chance to try out our new,improved and powerful seo services free of charge for the first month  ;)
All you need to do is make sure
1.Your onpage seo is top notch on point! (optimized for the keywords you try to rank for)
2.Your backlink profile should not be spammy
3.Comment below if you are interested and comment why we should choose you :)

What you will get from the service

1.High quality powerful links that will 100% make your site rise up the search engine rankings
2.Higher rankings
3.Personal support from me and my team

Why are we doing this?

The main reason is to simply give back what this forum has given us.We know some of you have problems ranking and i promise you this special service will help you solve that AND the good thing about this ,is that it will be ONLY availble for members of this forum only.

The official release for this service will be around next month and we will be taking on board a few serious members who are interested in ranking higher in all search engines.The service will affordable and am positive everyone will be amazed with the results :) 

Winners will recieve a personal inbox from me personally.

Good luck to the lucky beta testers winners and we look forward to seeing you achieve the results you always wanted.



  • NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp

    I would like to be a Beta Tester.

    Why choose me? Because i want to give powerfull SEO services for my clients, and i like to test new services. MY clients choose my SEO services month by month, and if i can give them some xtra stuff, than it will be amazing.

    I hope, that i will hear from you soon
  • Congratulations @NetMajom, check your inbox for further more details :) 
  • I would like too be the beta tester of your service. I have some local clients as well as international clients working on their projects. Would like to test my one of the client website with your seo service. Regards,
  • @redfoxseo  ,inbox me for further details.
  • Interested as well. Bought list from you & have optimized niche site. Want to know correlation between rankings that your service creates & sales of several products?
  • @yurium ,good question,please, pm me for more details :)
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  • edited April 2015
    almost one week in and these are a few of the results :)

  • Guys we are launching very soon! be ready to see amazing results! :)
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