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Is there any affect of usage of multiple possible versions of same URL in GSA SER ?

The main url is
The following variations always redirect to main url

If I build links to these urls instead of main url then can they act as a small buffer ? Can these variations pass the juice and trust to main url ? How google treats link building to these variations?

Looking forward to some seniors and experience SEO and GSA SER guys. I have experimented it once by sending bulk links ( PR1+, OBL 100, avoid ip sites, avoid neg keywords ) to the variations instead of main url and the result was that some low comp kws got ranked. 


  • SvenSven
    To be honest I don't know if those variations will be of any good. SER however has an option that will create variations like that on it's own (project option). But I see it would be more legit to have some variations of your URL spread than only one at all places.
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