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check indexed bad GSA bad Scrapebox

hello @sven have great doubt and trouble with indexing links.

when I check the indexed links Web2.0 type, wiki etc ... for you an example rebelmouse all urls.

No matter what option check from GSA or do it with Scrapebox, the number of indexed is very low. I use three indexing services


So I have plenty of power for indexing, the problem that gives me 80% of unindexed, if rebelmouse gives me all the urls as not indexed.

But if I search this url in google search box indicating the exact url, no more, no added before site: the url listed in google.

I do not trust ya way to check the urls indexed as does GSA nor as does Scrapebox

Before you ask what she proxies use, I have 50 dedicated apart I draw with proxymultiply and passage through a proxyjudge (my lpm up to 300%) and also have the bandit who go Sock 5.

No matter what kind of proxies use, the rate of indexation that gives me GSA or Scrapebox is ridiculous to the point that most marks as indexed, if I look at hand are that if they are

What is wrong with this? It is something I've been giving spinning for days, and also the stopping my work because I am studying in depth, but can not find any program that verifies correctly me a complete list and get closer to reality.

So the point I'm thinking not verify the indexed because there are so many false positives, which I think is not worth checking indexing

Someone knows a better way to check urls indexed ?, I need help with this issue.
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