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Captcha Setup


Can somebody please explain how to set up captcha for my setup

I use virtual asia solutions 7 tier data pack

I have gsa captcha breaker, captcha tronix, bandit im

I would like to also add death by captcha .... but only to use it for my Tier 1 links

ie ... use captcha breaker, then captcha tronic, then bandit im and if these 3 dont solve it send to death by captcha ... only for tier 1

How do i specify this ?



  • Hi,
    I will share a simple solution with you, hope it's okay ^^

    1st I don't know about "bandit im"

    but in general:
    add the captcha breaker in GSA SER as 1st solutions
    add death by captcha  in GSA SER as 2nd solution

    add captcha tronix in GSA captcha breaker

    now in your tier1 campaign options chose to use all captcha services
    so it will use captcha breaker if faild will use captcha tronix inside captcha breaker if failed it will back to gsa ser and use the 1nd captcha solver "death by captcha"
    you can also use just 2nd captcha service if you need it to just use death by captcha

    in tier2 campaigns options
    use only 1st service to solve your captcha

    hope it is okay now ^^

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