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Is this OK to run on GSA?

I ran across this Ser project in by Wyatt and before I try it I would like to know if it is legitimate in so far as he was the principal scammer of CloudPBN and is connected with Alex Becker:

1.   Get 4 domains;pick one domain for #4 & use to shorten it

2.   Use Namecheap and go to ModiyDomain & click URL forwarding button

3.   Fill in shortened URL in both boxes; then do same thing for the next 2 domains.

4.  Add a 301 lredirectin the 4th domain to your money site.

5.   Go to GSA Ser; select Article,Blog Comment,Forum,Guestbook.Image Comment,Indexer,Pingback,Socia Bookmark,Social Network, Trackback,URL Shortener,Wiki and for any text e.g. weight loss), Partial match anchor text 20%, Generic anchor text 10%, Domain as anchor text 40% And “Try lot use domain/generic anchor with main anchor”.

6.  He offers a download of a Project.ser file that will do this

9.  He also claims he was awarded VIP title by Sven.

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