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Not Getting all the thread

Hi i just bought the Full version software .

but i am facing problem.

on the option menu i set the threads to 100 but it is only running 5 to 10 threads.

i am using identified list supplied by   dailylinklists

i do not understand the problem.

any one please help??


  • and one more thing it is showing like this in the log:

    09:35:34: [ ] Loaded 1/102 URLs from site lists
    09:35:46: [ ] Loaded 1/153 URLs from site lists
  • SvenSven

    The problem in original question is that you do not have enough targets to treat all threads with a task/submission. The problem in second option is, that it loads e.g. 102 URLs from the site lists but just 1 is really new, the others are known.

    You can try cleaning the target url history using the right click on the project->modify->delete target url history.

  • ok thanks.
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