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Important: Google WordPress Font Tracking

What do you think about this guys? Would like to hear more opinions about this from you guys.


  • SvenSven

    Actually google has many many more tricks to track your website usage. Think about the javascript lib jquery. Many site simply take that lib and add it with the full URL to there website without a local copy on there server.

    Then there is the favorite icon service (don't know there URL anymore) and analytics and custom search for your website and translation addon... The list is endless and all of that probably tracks the usage of your website. 

  • Yes, I'm aware of that. I don't use any google services and products for years now. They are really shady bastards so much of the "user privacy" This could be really killer for PBNs, can't imagine updating tons of wordpress sites and getting probably that google shit back. I mean pretty much every theme mostly use google fonts. Nothing is free in this world and nobody is doing it for a charity, that's why they offer theire "free services" to spy us further more. Anyway solution is using different platforms than Wordpress and making sure to check carefully core stuff that there is no any "Google Trojan Horse" :D
  • SvenSven
    I agree on that 100% :) Too bad that most of the young generation doesn't even care about it (no clue how old you are though).
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