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whats going on with my captcha breaker?

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Whats going on with my captcha breaker?



  • I think it means that something is already running on port 80.

    Do you have any of those programs running that it mentions?

  • another perpetrator is SQL Server, that one got me.
  • i dont have anything running just chrome and CB
  • Please take a look first.

    Fire a command prompt, then run

    C:> netstat -an

    Is port 80 listening? Although I wonder why the error message said 8128.
  • Make sure you don't have IIS turned on or anything with regards to Web Development or SQL. Check your Services tab in Task Manager.
  • audioguy yes por 80 is listening to

    poweruphosting  i have a looot of services on task manager i dont know how to identify what you say...
  • @rodol There's something listening on port 80.

    Now run 

    C:> netstat -ban

    You'll see which process is using the port. Make sure you run Command Prompt as Administrator.

  • hi there.  if you are on a server then do this

    stop world wide web publishing -
    from the command prompt enter the below
    net stop was /y
  • let me know if it works as this was a nightmare for me to figure out and I hope it helps someone else

    lol as I matter of fact I used it on a powerup server
  • Ok thanks for your help guys, i just stopped ISS, and now is running great.
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