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[100 Bonus Offer]Get 500 hotmail verified,POP3 enabled accounts|5 review copies available - See more

Hello SEO and social media Gurus,
You all must know what it means to have authentic email addresses while running your SEO or social media campaigns. The tools such as GSA SER,SENUKE, etc gets almost twice efficient when you provide bunch of theses authentic email addresses. Reports shows that almost increase of 70% in success rate with useing hotmail account compared with free email accounts while running GSA SER campaign.

So here is my gig! 500 verified, POP3 enabled hotmail accounts at just $5. A LEVEL 2 seller proven tobe reliable by serving clients since last 5 years on Fiverr.

The gig extras have "alias" option too. That means you can get upto 10 alias per email address resulting in 500x10=5000 different email addresses at just less than $0.01 per account!

I bet you won't get better offer than this! All other online retailers are selling same package at $10 and more!

My offer doesn't stop here! I have exciting offer for 1st five orders. Under this offer 1st five orders will receive 100 bonus accounts which totals 600 email account at just $5!!

So don't waste your time and on any other gig or retailer! This gig is what you need!

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