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Dynamically Add URLs to Project?

I'm not sure if this already exists, as SER is such a vast software with all kinds of hidden features, but I think it's worth mentioning.

I'm building all kinds of tier 1 links to my projects (outside SER) constantly to which I'm also building tier 2 and 3 with SER. Well since I have multiple sources of tier 1 links, I'd like to be able to somehow update my Tier 2 projects in GSA with the new tier 1 links that have been created. Whether this would be an XML file, a txt file, URL it doesn't matter as long as SER is able to scan it and import the URLs directly to the project.

Example: I create a small script which gathers all of my tier 1 links into a txt file. It gets updated daily, hourly or whatever. I set my T2 project in GSA SER to monitor that txt file and update the URLs from it.

I can see that there is an option to import an XML feed of URLs into the project, but I'm not sure if this is dynamic or the URLs will be downloaded from that XML feed only once. I'm guessing it's the later.

What I mean by URLs is URLs we're trying to submit, not target URLs:


  • SvenSven

    Thats all possible. In the project where you normally enter the URL, you would simply use a macro like


    That will periodically read the file and use all URLs it finds there.

  • How about the failed verification links in the file. Will SER automatically remove the URLs that failed from the txt file as well? Because if it won't the project will be constantly updated with bad URLs to post to even if I set it to re-verify on a certain amount of time.

    Any way to get around this?
  • SvenSven
    you mean the URLs formt hat file it build links to should be removed on re-verify? Then you have to make it a tire project.
  • How would I import the txt file in a tier project? The only way I know is Show Urls -> Verified -> Import Verified URLs. But it seems like this way can't accept %file-c:\temp\my_urls.txt%
  • SvenSven
    you would create a dummy project where you link your tier project to it. The dummy, main project would use the macro to dynamically load URLs.
  • edited April 2015
    I understand what you're saying now, but I still can't see how it could work. I'm sorry, but could you elaborate a bit more?

    1. I create one dummy project.
    2. In the dummy project I load the URLs from the text file with the macro %file-c:\temp\my_urls.txt% here:
    3. Then, if I understand correctly, I create another Tier project which will be posting to the links from the dummy project. Like this: ?

    The missing link for me is this: How will that tier project post to the URLs of the dummy project? The tier project would have to post to the verified links from that dummy project. However when I set the dummy project to get links from a txt file, those links won't go into the verified links database of the dummy project. Am I missing something?
  • ^^ Awesome :)
  • SvenSven
    @spiritfly you are completely right. I made a mistake. Of course the main project has to add those URLs as verified not as project URL. And there is the problem. I think the re-verify really needs to check if the detail url is still part of the project urls.
  • No worries @Sven, even the best make mistakes sometimes :) I though there might be something hidden that I'm not aware of again.

    So I'm guessing there is no way to do what I want, at least with the current version of SER. :) Am I right?
  • SvenSven
    yes not possible but I will add this extra verification in one of the next updates.
  • SvenSven
    just added this verification on next update.
  • Great job !

    Can you explain about how it works a bit? Will it run a verification periodically on the text file set as macro? And will it automatically remove the URLs from the text file upon failed verification?
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