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[Feature Request] RankWyz Integration in SER

Hi Sven,

I would like to see RankWyz integrated in SER. In my opinion , Rankwyz is far superior than least in my experience.

After Rankwyz Submission is successful the verified urls get saved in something called LinkVaults ..each link vault have a unique code  something link this ( BucTqypE )

And you can get the urls saved in this bucket by using :


I hope you can add a feature so the project fetch the verified urls from the link bucket automatically similar to what you do now with FCS.



  • molchomolcho Germany
  • edited April 2015
    Sven said that this will be added soon after he gets some free time. Hopefully soon. It will save rankwyz users lots of time.
  • with the help of Sven we implemented integration of RankWyz and GSA 

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