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Dumb Question, But Exporting URLs Doesn't Do Just the Redirects...

When I export the URLs, I get the original URLs with the new redirected URls.


enter into URLRP
export =

I don't want the to be exported. 

I want them to save to file (yes I know it's available but it does the above setup which I don't want), so I can run SER on those output URLs by taking the URLs from the %macro% in SER. 

Am I being dumb here? Or does it not matter that the exported URLs are weird like that ^^


  • Hmm strange, that doesn't happen for me I just get the re-directs when exporting. Usually I just copy to clipboard though.

    It might be one of the re-direct types that's causing it - I use only '301 header re-direct'. You can change types used by clicking filter by link type.

  • That's what I thought, I'm sure something is up with it. Will see if I need to update or something.

    Yeah I have done that with the header redirect. Need to investigate. Thanks for confirming I'm not a total idiot :)
  • SvenSven
    did you import some own URLs?
  • Nope, spending some time today to trying to work out what is happening. Will update if I find something.
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