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How can I add new search engine

I wan’t to
add new search engine 
(exactly Bing . com)
– how can I do that? (in GSA manual & docus I can only find how to add specific
 url with % as a replacement for page and
word). I want to add bing because it’s good for key words search – for example
google US ends search after around 100 words been asked. (I’m using proxys
which I’ve bought, but they seems not working with key word search – opposite they
work perfectly with search by domain).  Is it simple as adding only url http: //www. bing.
com/ and specify links on page 2 start page 1  increase page 0 ? (I want to search only first
two bing search result because I want to get very precise data)? Or maybe https:
//www. bing. com/ ?

Thanks  in advance for answer.


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