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(FREE) Beta Testers for Listservice - 15k+ verifieds per day - realtime sync - 30 spots

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I'm looking for 30 beta testers for a new SER verified list service. For now, it's 100% free. If you're matching the following criteria and are interested in a beta spot, just reply to this thread or PM me to get in touch:

- advanced GSA SER user, running SER daily
- experience with other list services and scraping their own targets
- dropbox on your VPS/Dedicated server (as the lists are synced through dropbox)
- access to an OCR service (for articles / social networks / wikis an OCR is used, all other links built with nothing but CB)
- ready to give an objective review after beta time in case the service goes public

Everything's setup for a beta run. The way the system works right now is the following: several servers are merging their verified list to a dropbox main verified list. You as a beta tester will get live access to this dropbox folder which receives new verified URLs 24/7 a day. You can expect at least 15.000+ verifieds per day across all platforms.

All links are created with a non-modified GSA SER installation - no tweaks, no tuning, just a very basic setup of SER.

You need to set a list slot to this dropbox folder after you get access to it, set your projects to read from the files within this folder and you're good to go. No babysitting, no downloads, everything's realtime.

This is not first come first serve, a well known member of the forum might get a spot over somebody who joined just yesterday. Running this beta involves a lot of work and time on my end, I'm looking for people who are willing to give feedback about the current product more than people looking for a quick freebie.


  • Just PM'ed you.
  • Testing this across 10+ servers with 1200/sec OCR service
  • I have 2 licenses of GSA 1 running in a VPS and 1 running in a Dedi.

    Both have captcha breaker and spamvilla OCR and all running 24/7.

    Count me in as one of the beta testers for your service.
  • The 15k verified daily... is this 15k as a result of dedupe by domain?

    Or is it a result of several URLs on domains? ( meaning more than 1 URL per domain ).

  • @whatdoesthefoxsays about to PM you, thanks for your interest.

    @eliquid this certainly contains duplicates on domain level, especially in engines where 2 posts are possible (let it be contextuals, blogcomments, some social networks etc.). It's still in beta so I'm playing around with a lot of different approaches how to generate the best possible of unique domains. Feel free to PM me for more info if you like.
  • Count me in, PM me the details.
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    Thanks TheSeo for selecting me for testing your new service. I wanted to share my experience with the list so far. I am going to compare some aspects of this list with the others ones I had, but I will not be pointing fingers (name lists) in my preview/comparison, since its unethical and just looks bad, in my opinion. 

    First of all, I will say that I'm definitely not one of those guys who runs several or several dozens of servers, my linkbuilding is relatively small scale, but I do like to understand how things work before diving in, so I studied SER pretty intently (and continue to).

    Testing approach:
    Its always hard to compare lists, because they are always have differences (they can be monthly/weekly/etc., could be synced to your dropbox or similar folder, they could cost less but provide less targets overall, and so on).
    As most users probably know, there are 2 major "methods" to deal with verified lists for SER. First is to input them directly into projects, second is to use "Use URLs form global site lists if enabled" checkbox, which will cause SER to pull targets from the specified list randomly in small chunks.

    I decided to run a small test and use 1st approach to see how TheSeo List fares in comparison to one of the lists I'm using now. I was filling the queue with the direct links import of chosen engines. The amount of links imported was enough to last for the test runtime. I was not going after high LpM/VpM values (depends heavily on things such as threads number, engines selected, how many links are created per site, etc.), but they help to see how many working links there are in the list, along with S/V ratio, for the given amount of time. Also another thing that matter is how much verified links per each imported one are achieved (VpI :) ). 

    Setup (notable stuff): 9.75, 2-hour run, 300 threads, 8 projects, 1 link per site, private proxies (used for everything), links are imported directly. All other settings are being equal. There's just too much settings to list here, I'm using a cookie-cutter setup that I always use for quick projects with no tiers.

    Other list: 140LpM, 94VpM, S/V ratio 16417/11141 , 130435 links gone through, 0.085 verified links per each imported one.
    TheSeo list: 441LpM, 385VpM, S/V ratio 51940/45375, 114085 links gone through, 0.5 verified links per each imported one. 

    Some screenshots of the Other list:

    Screenshots of the TheSeo list:

    I also tested quickly another list that I have and the basic stats were 156LpM and 80 VpM (30-min run).

    I must say that 2 hours is not much in terms of verification time (some targets with registration would take some time to send their emails), but it is as good to see overall list performance, since if it is lower in 2 hours time, it may very well be lower in 48 hours time. 

    I feel that the list is gonna end TOP-1 in my personal "most unique domains percentage" leaderboard :). It gives me the best "all links/deduped links on domain level" ratio, which means that it has more contextual targets, which is always welcome, and that its filtering is much more thorough, which is also great. So far most lists were reduced to 20-40% of their link pool (when I removed duplicate domains from them), while TheSeo list gives me 85%. Cool. Structurally, at the time of testing, list have more contextual targets. Which is also cool (for me, at least).

    Conclusion: Great list. I'm really impressed. While not as robust in terms of links numbers as some other lists out there (not surprisingly, considering its only recently launched), it gives very solid verification rates, gives out more verified links out of the same imported amount (while comparing to other lists), is auto-synced (less hassle). Links are filtered thoroughly so list packs more LpM for those guys that pursue it :). Definitely worth its place in your lists set.
  • @libero PM sent.

    @Nikodim thanks a lot for the VERY detailled review. Glad you liked the list.

    The difference in VPM % is there for a reason. I'll update later today and explain how exactly I'll have this list setup for the best possible results for customers :)
  • @theseo1 Looking forward to your PM mate. I just got new catchall emails so I might use it to test your service. Thanks in advance!
  • Beta spots are still available, PM or reply in the thread to secure your spot.

    After talking to several beta testers after around 2.5 days of running the lists, the setup will be looking like the following:

    1) 24-48 hour livefeed list
    This list will contain only links that been verified / posted within the last 24-48 hours. The target with this list is to provide as many fresh, working targets as possible. Having a stream that's reset every 24-48 hours will dramatically increase the VPM per minute as you can see in the review above and creates an always fresh, working and high LPM stream of links.

    2) Master Verified List
    This list will contain ALL links built within the last 30 days of the list service. The aim with this list is to provide as many target domains as possible to my customers across a month. Great for tier2 / lower purpose.

    Both lists will be in separated folders giving you the option to choose which links you're looking for. If you're just looking for volume, hit both lists. If you're looking for continuously new targets and new root domains linking to your project, just select the 24-48h feed.

    Below are some stats after 2.5 days of running (separated by contextuals and other engines):

    Contextuals (Article / Social Network / Wiki):

    Other Engines:

  • Count me in, thanks!
  • can  i test please. your servis please
  • If the issue continues,  I would like to try.PM me the details.
  • I would really like to test it ASAP, please PM me the details.
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    I had the opportunity to test this list and I would like to say that so far I'm impressed. I was mainly interested in the fresh 48h list that TheSeo1 is providing and even though I had some issues with Spamvilla, that didn't stop SER to go above 100 LpM (1 project). Also, I really like the fact that everything is automated. I don't have to worry about anything once everything is setup, SER will always have fresh links to post to with the sync option.

    The S/V ratio is also great from what I've seen so far, and that is with my agressive filters. I can't even imagine what I would be able to pull off with this list with absolutely zero filters.

    I have yet to try the Master List though and I hope I get the chance to do that before the BETA phase ends and of course share it with you guys. But anyway, even if I don't, I already see great potential in this new service and I'm pretty sure a lot of people, including myself, will find value in TheSeo1's lists.
  • I am also testing this service. The main thing to point out is that the service provides EXCELLENT domain diversity. This, of course, is extremely important. I am running this on 12 servers with 1200/m OCR service and catchall emails. We need as many unique domains as we can get to support our projects (over 1500). 

    Also, @theseo1 has given superlative customer service. 

    I give the service a 10 out of 10 in testing.
  • I am still testing the list. My LPM has been increased. Will give more review very shortly.
  • heck ive been doing some work with gsa for a bit now and def want to try this list
    PM me please
  • If you have any spot, I would like to test it too, If you remember i was one of the old customer of NGL for 3 months too @theseo1 Good Luck :D
  • If there is any spots left let me in ;)
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