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Simple API hooks

Any chance of a few simple API hooks? Eg. something to allow us to filter based on our own criteria, or do something snazzy after a url is submitted/verified/etc.. I'm mainly wanting to filter urls though :)

I was thinking a simple HTTP request response would be a fairly quick and dirty way.. it would allow people to be reasonably flexible with how they use it as well (eg. a web service could be created by someone else).

Something like, before GSA submits, make a request to "<whateverurlwewant>?url={URL}" or something along those lines.. The returned value could determine what GSA then does, eg. 2xx -> continue, 5xx -> pause project for 20 seconds (server is busy, broken, etc..), 4xx -> don't submit.. etc..


Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    sounds good yes. MAybe somethign I will add under the "external API" setup.


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