Dedicated server for GSA SER

Where can I buy good (yet cheap) dedicated server? I will be using GSA SER, Scrapebox and Platform Identifier.

Just for the record, I want a personal experience suggestion, since many hosting companies does NOT allow running "SEO" softwares like GSA or Scrapebox.

I would be happy if you guys share your experience. Thanks


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  • Will check GreenCloud, they seem good.
    Fit my budget as well.
    Any other suggestions?
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    "since many hosting companies does NOT allow running "SEO" softwares like GSA or Scrapebox. "
    You Not Gonna Use the server IP to post as I think ... So Just Scrape proxies and shout them up for posting purposes .
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    Scrape proxies and post with them?
    I dont think you know what are you talking about.

    @OP I dont know any datacenter where Ser is not allowed.
    If you use proxies and you dont generate too many pps - you are fine.
    Ser, seo tools (with proxies) are not a problem. High pps can be problem, some seo tools can generate high pps and this can be problem, but thats another story.

    Greencloud is middleman.
    They resell and few other datacenters.
  • Thanks @satyr.
    I investigated greencloud and found the same as @satyr85, they are only resellers.
    I have read that many hosting companies (like Hetzner f.e.) have a "no-policy" for scraping and link building software. They might allow it, but only if you are not overusing their bandwidth.
    They can terminate your account easily on the ground of "policy breaking". And I want to stay with a hosting company for little longer.
    Reading here and there over the Internet I have decided to give it a go with DigiCube(.fr)
    Anyone might wanna share their experience?

  • I didnt tried digicube. If you are from france and you can check their reviews - do it before ordering. I was thinking to buy server from digicube long time ago, but i found few bad reviews and their support told me something like "oh bro this would be internet connecion overusage".
    Tbh i dont see a reason to choose digicube over = dell/hp  hardware and dell/hp kvm/ipmi - thats worth more than you think.
    In digicube you get sample server (32 gigs ram, 2x hdd) for 70 euros, in for 40 euros (prices without vat)

    Its not about overusing bandwidth. For example hetzner have 30TB outgoing bandwidth (incoming is for free). Gsa and other seo tools use nearly only incoming bandwidth so 30TB outgoing traffic + free incoming would be enough for 10-20 SER vps.

    Its about activity that looks suspicous. For example proxy checking can be such activity (because your server connect to xxx ips in a minute - thats not normal). Some DCs monitor network to find such strange activities and nullroute hacked servers. 
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    Two main reasons. First one is the CPU, second is the HD. I was almost good to go with, until they confirmed me they are out of SSD.

    I found bad reviews about them as well, but mostly because people were having trouble breaking the contract.
    Digicube's CPU Xeon E3-1275 4x2x3,5Ghz is not bad at all. I just hope they won't mind my activity.
  • You dont need ssd for gsa, sb, pi etc. All my 7 dedis have hdd. On 1 i run 5-6 Gscraper instances + PI (1000 threads) - hdd dont even feel this.
    As you can see Xeon 1230v3 is over 10% faster.
  • You are looking at the wrong CPU. It's actually my fault not emphasizing this: Xeon E3-1275 v3.
    So it's basically this one:
  • I was actually looking for the 65euro version that have, I was so close to buying it!
    Will see how it goes with DigiCube, it's actually good when you have a choice :)
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    I'm looking at moving from GreenCloud to Online or OVH but with Online Satryr do you have to pay monthly on top for the Windows Server license. They're info isn't very clear and a lot of the documentation is French.

    I've worked with servers all my life Alexsanrius and the most important features to rate are memory and CPU cores.Local hard disk speed only comes into the equation really for booting up and this only really counts on your local PC/laptop. & OVH have the best feature set for the money that I have seen and which I can see Satyr has often recommended, Cloud VPS 4 cores/4Gb $23 (inc Win Server) Dedi VPS 8 cores/8Gb $15 ($45 inc Win Server cost) 
    these are both great prices and ideal for a GSA SER plus some headroom for a couple of other apps. 
  • I am using a hetzner server with these specs with Windows server 2012 OS

    This setup cost me :74 euro

    Been using for a few years from everything from GSA and my own websites, never had any issues. 

    Intel® Core™ i7-4770
    Quad-Core Haswell
    incl. Hyper-Threading Technology
    •RAM 32 GB DDR3 RAM
    •Hard Drive 2 x 240 GB SATA 6 Gb/s SSD
    (Software-RAID 1)
    •Connection  1 Gbit/s-Port
    •Guaranteed Bandwidth  200 Mbit/s
    •Backup Space 100 GB
    •Inclusive Traffic 30 TB

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