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how would i build links for local seo site? thanks everyone.

How would I build links to a local seo site?  Let's say that I have a directory landscaping site and I want to rank for all cities in Georgia for landscaping. Let's say I have 10 URLs that are targeting 10 cities on 10 separate pages on the site for on page seo purposes.  would I build tier project for these 10 URLS and group them all together in one campaign in GSA?  Would I build a separate project for each URL (so 10 projects), this seems like over kill and to much for ranking local seo?  Are tiers even needed for building links for local seo sites? Thanks to everyone who answers this in advance. really appreciate it


  • Seo_Gladiator My recommendation would be to build a project for each URL/keyword. This will allow you to adjust the number of links you are sending to each page based on how rankings are increasing for the corresponding URLs/keywords.
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