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hi all:
I have a problem saving scraped keywords. I chose a newly created folder under save to selected path but it will not save them there. I tried this several times. where is the default saving folder? The keywords do not appear on the same folder as scraped urls? plus gscraper seems to save itself in a hidden folder that is hard to get to. 

Help. Thanks. 



  • Folder where you have Gscraper \ Date when you started harvesting \ Releated \file.txt
    For example:
  • Thanks! Yes, for scraper urls you are correct. But for some reason my keywords do not show up there. 
  • I checked this before i post and all kws were in folder releated. What Gscraper version you use?

    Must be my pc because i have set a specific file and let it just save to default with no success. 

    A folder is created in related with teh date of the scrape but no doc saved. 
  • moved the gscraper folder just incase that was the issue and i still get an empty related folder after a keyword scrape. I notice that there is start button for keyword scrape but no stop button so I just hit stop operation. this creates a new folder in related but its empty. it just doesn't make sense. 
  • @ satyr85 just saved me with an earlier version of gscraper and that fixed the issue. 
  • I keep getting an error in the software "Can not be verified through online, operation can not continue, please try again".   I don't know what the problem is, does anyone know what this is?  I put in 2 support tickets already and no reply.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    wrong support forum guys you should go here -
  • Either they have the worst customer service or they're out of business.  Put in several support tickets on their site and Skyped them to no avail.  Just thought someone here may have a clue as to what the problem is.

    Seems like: Need Gscraper Support = Your Screwed
  • "Can not be verified through online, operation can not continue, please try again"
    This mean your Gscraper cant connect to Gscraper licensing server. Maybe you have problems with internet connection? You use Gscraper on VPS/dedi or home PC?
  • I'm using it on VPS.   I don't have any problems with any other software on there.

  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    GScraper for me has also went down. Scrapes are 1/4 of what they used to be, maybe even lower than that. Support never replies back through email or through Skype.

    Good thing for SB though. Still getting pretty good results with SB 2.0
  • google made some updates....gscraper need to fix some things

  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    edited July 2015
    That was about 2 weeks ago and GScraper already made an update for that. Since that update thats when my constant 40kLPM scrapes went down to about 2-3kLPM scrapes. 

    Gscraper has yet to answer any email or Skype request I have sent. And a few people that I have talked to say that the gscraper guy just tells them he has no time and does not think anything is wrong with the software.

    Dropping down from 40k to 2k, id say there is a problem some where, and it's not my proxies or footprints.

    But if there are people here that can post screen shots of 40kLPM scrape speeds that has a running time of over 24 hours, then id say maybe it's something else on my end that's wrong.
  • yes i know but google made another change again that effects gscraper
  • yeah Gscraper barely works for me right now.  Can't seem to get any type of results.
  • for anyone thinking of buying gscraper i offer this advice

    in August 2013 he opened a sales thread on blackhatworld promoting gscraper,

    he last replied on sept 2013, the mods had to shut down his sales thread due to

    no support and only using blackhatworld as an advert for gscraper. see last post

    also gscraper is almost broken when it comes to scraping urls, with scrape rates so low its now

    worth bothering with the tool at all. there email support has replied to me twice in 2 months

    and contacting the guy via skype is the same 1/2 replys in 2 months, mean while customers suffer

    with a tool that barley scrapes and all he can say is the new version works….

    in truth its almost broken read this thread.

    be safe people this joker takes your money but will probably never reply to you

    when your having issues. regards PROXYGO BLACKHATWORLD.

  • Gscraper service is beyond bad- he still take sales emails while also not providing support to ongoing paying customers. I mean some ppl pay 66$ a month for gscraper proxies, which dont even work, and yet he isnt doing anything to fix it. Its seriously beyond shitty and hawk is an awful guy.
  • Gsae LupusGsae Lupus My room
    edited November 2015
    i use Gscraper..> GSA PI > GSA Ser.., i use Gscraper only for that..,and scraping related keyword..

    can i ask something about Gscraper..?

    Gscaper support scraping for article ?
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