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Captcha breaker upgrade prompt freezes submissions

edited January 2013 in Need Help
Am I only one that is having this problem.  When CB goes to upgrade it prompts and freezes submissions.  If there is anyone who has some information on how to stop this please share.  


  • Basically I need the auto update prompt stopped.  
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    What update prompt? You have to click the update button in the help menu in order to update with GSA CB unless I'm missing a new feature lol.
  • Sven explained it to me.  Honestly though the update prompt was popping up during submissions.  
  • ronron
    edited January 2013

    The only thing I have noticed (and it usually happens overnight because of time differences) is that CS will not be solving anything when I wake up. I will check for updates, and yes, there is an update available.

    So my SER continues to work with no problem, but CB stops when I have an update. Maybe a coincidence because there has been an update just about every day?

    Other than that, everything works great.

  • SvenSven
    @ron, you really mean CS not CB right? Because an update of CB is not checked unless at start or when you manually check it from help menu. 
  • ronron
    edited January 2013

    @sven, sorry, I meant CB - I will edit the above post.

    What I was commenting on was the coincidence of CB stopping, together with the fact that there was also a CB update waiting to happen.

  • SvenSven
    Still I don't get it. Again, there is no update check done by the program on it's own (only at startup).
  • edited January 2013
    Sven this isn't true.  This has happened to me several times.  I leave the machine unattended and then come back and there is an update prompt for CB that stops my submissions.  imageThe arrow below denotes the update prompt. 
  • the only way that I can get it restarted is to kill it from the task manager.  At which point gsa ser tries to restart it several times and I get several message boxes telling me that it can only be started once and then once I clear out the error messages I can then update it.  It has happened to me over 5 times.  You just recently released 1.50-I was at 1.48
  • SvenSven
    this can only happen if the program crashed and GSA SER restarted it. Would that be an option?
  • Honestly; I truly thought that it was an update prompt because everytime that I encounter it and restart it there is an update.  But this could truly be the amount of updates.  What you are saying now seems more feasible because the program is froze.  when I encounter it.  Either way freeze or no freeze; this is so much better than CX 3.  kudos to you.  And my mistake on the line of thinking.  Duh you made the program.  
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