Account creator + for emails

I no this has nothing to do with GSA but this morning when i went to open account creator + i accepted the update and now it does not work at all
i have sent a ticket but i probably after wait 24 hrs does anybody no a quick fix to the program


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    same here, i shouldn't have updated at all..
  • craigbal1craigbal1 United Kingdom
    yes @rogerw i wish i had not updated going to cost me i will have to buy some not impressed
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    hopefully the owner will fix it asap..not sure why he released it without rigurous testing
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    24 hours later still not working...great job with that update..that reminds me to never update it again!
    does anyone have the previous version so we can all download it?
  • craigbal1craigbal1 United Kingdom
    @rogerw i have the old version and because we clicked update i load the old one and for some reason it loads the new version in weird i no. But it does not work it don't solve captchas it doesn't enable pop mail it don't do anything it should. Send me your email and i will send you the old version and you can try it. I have been in touch with the makers and they want to do a remote assistance computer session with me.They said it could be to do with having your firewall enabled which it int or my antivirus so i disabled that that dint work then i right clicked on the icon and set the properties to run as administrator he said that has worked in some cases it dint for me.Then he said try it on another computer that dont work either send me your email thank.
  • Did u try wizmail
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