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Spintax checker


i would like to have a button in article manager to check bulk article spintax when importing a folder of spintaxed .txt files
i found many times that i'm posting content with spintax format because of some spintax error
so a bulk checker will be useful



  • SvenSven
    This check is done when saving the project anyway?
  • i import articles in articles manager from a folder with txt spintax files
    but after running the project  i checked  some urls and found spintax in posts (whole paaragraphs)
    then i looked after the article posted in article manager, clicked edit then OK and that's when it give the message about spintax error
    that means even there was spintax error the articles got imported and posted without warning

    to cover this i have to check each imported article manually before starting the project
  • SvenSven
    I just added something for next version where you can check the syntax using the poup menu.
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