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Error Report/Error Report Sender

edited January 2013 in Feature Requests
I've had CB crash a couple of times on me but the only "error" report I get is from windows and I don't think that information is going to be helpful, could be wrong though.

Either way it would be nice to have a log file sent to a "crash" folder or something in case CB does crash or have an error report automatically sent to the CB dev. team.

I think that with all the different options and operating systems running CB is would make everything easier for when there are bugs to report.


  • SvenSven

    If it crashes like that it is usually something else than from my code. If it was my code, you would get a bugreport window where you can send it to me and I have a look on it.

    Can you see if that crash happens on a special captcha maybe? Thats the only reason I can think off.

  • I know we've been PM'ing about this but I need to setup some more campaigns tomorrow that are very similar to what I did today and so I'm going to try and record a video of CB at work and maybe we can spot if a certain type is causing the crash.
  • PM'ed you the link to a video I made just now showing CB crashing 2x.
  • SvenSven
    let me know if the latest update fixes it for you
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