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Banned by reCaptcha

EarthlingEarthling New York City

I see this often in my SER log "banned by reCaptcha".

What does that mean, and how can I fix it? I'm using GSA CB as my 1st captcha service.

thank you..

Best Answers

  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    Accepted Answer
    You need a reCaptcha service, try Eve and others.
  • Accepted Answer
    @Earthling 10 isn't enough, even though I don't know how many projects/threads you're running, 10 still isn't enough. Start at 50 and see if you have problems.

    @eve can you point the guy in the right direction to your service. I use eve and it's awesome.


  • EarthlingEarthling New York City
    What is the most reliable (high success rate) and affordable reCaptcha service available?

    I also have death by captcha account.

  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited March 2015
    Death by capcha will solve many of reCaptcha(80-90%) but is expensive.
    Try Eve/Spamvilla/CaptchaTronix.
  • Its possible that you need more proxies. If recaptcha service see your IPs too often your ip will be suspended and no captcha service will help here.
  • EarthlingEarthling New York City
    How much does Eve service cost? I don't see a price plan on their website.

    @satry85. Interesting, I'm currently using 10 private proxies but I'm only running a few projects for several hours at a given time.
  • pay 0.5$ and start :)
  • EarthlingEarthling New York City
    I'm currently running 1 active project at a given time at 200 threads. My PC can handle it.

    Maybe the 200 threads is too high and I should go back down to 100 threads.

    Do you think if I just run SER for about 1 hour or so, pause the project for awhile, and then restart it again for another 1 hour, this will help?

    I'm not ready to get 50 proxies yet since it's only 1 active project for short burst durations. Unless I have no other options.
  • The usual rule of thumb is 1 proxy per 10 threads, so 10 = 100 threads. It's not your machine that is the weak link it's the proxies. They'll be burnt out and flagged. Trust me, 50 or even better 100 private proxies are best.

    No don't bother restarting, just let it run. I've never understood why some people do this. I run multiple licenses of SER on multiple dedicated servers and never stop and restart, unless I want to verify the links, which I do once every few days.

    Why short bursts of link-building? One active project? What is the volume/number of inurl:"keyword" intitle:"keyword" when you use this string in Google? Are you doing local keywords? What is your on-page like? I can't see the point in running one project, there is so much that SER can do that I literally run 1000s of projects as I think of new strategies for link-building. 
  • EarthlingEarthling New York City
    I only have 1 new website (only 2 months old) to rank for so I'm trying to slowly build up the links over time, otherwise the search engines will become suspicious.  It's so new, it doesn't have a pagerank yet.

    I just bumped the threads back down to 100 and I'm no longer seeing the "Banned by reCaptcha" errors.
    I'm just currently using GSA CB (though I do have DBC as well but haven't added that as the 2nd service or fallback yet).

    Does anyone know if GSA SER keeps a Log and a Count or Tally figure for all different types of errors for each project?

    I also get other errors including "captcha service GSA Captcha Breaker not responding"
    I'm looking at my GSA CB and it's appears to be functioning properly. Unless GSA SER is feeding it too many captchas, more than it can handle at a given time.

  • Try to split your project to 5. When I have many recatcha banned warning I start for a while DBC or eve.
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