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Majestic Trust flow filter


Is it possible to have a Majestic trust flow filter, in a similar way to the PR filter?


  • Do use such filter you would need paid acc or tons of proxies to make requests to majesticseo (majestic allows fer requests per ip per day). In both cases its $50 a month or more to use TF filter (and its still not unlimited usage). Not worth money tbh.
  • Thanks

    Are there more ways to filter for quality/authority?
  • Hi MoonShine, 

    This is the way I do it, If you want to do it differently thats fine. I am using SER to look for high pr sites and building links on them to carry juice, but only for tier 2 and 3. I like to make it look natural.

    I use high quality manually spun content with images and video and inline anchor urls in the content so that, if read, it looks good. 

    I then only use it on pr 3 and up domains with less then 100 links on the site and also the keyword has to be visible on the site. 

    It doesn't build a lot of links this way but it does get my content onto good sites which is what I want.

    If we could get a majestic trust flow filter it would be great, but in the wrong hands it could also destroy many credible sites.
  • thanks for the reply

    what do you use to produce the spun content and which types of links are you using for tier 1?
  • Hi Moonshine,

    Before i started all this, I ranked a local site using white seo methods. 

    Once I understood, how the site ranked, I then reverse engineered the process to use black hat methods.

    I write a article myself about the subject i am targeting. I then write another few sentences for each sentence.

    So each sentence has another two or three variations.

    I then send it to my VA, who uses the best spinner to go through each sentence and give it new words. But this is where I had to train her, not to just use all the options shown., but to use proper words that make sense. She also adds in her own words that the best spinner has not found. 

    We do this for all sentences throughout the article. 

    I then send her related urls for other sites that are in my niche and she inserts them into the article.

    We then go after contextual links like blogs, and so forth. I don't like to use article directories as they don't work so well as they don't have much trust factor. We tend to scrape a list of urls that we target, but I am not dropping thousands of links, just a few everyday, to make it look natural.

    I like all my sites to make it through algorithm changes :)

    Thats the brief version. 
  • Thanks!

    Are you using web 2.0's for tier 1 or other platforms or self hosted sites?
  • I use Web2.0 and self hosted domain and some forum/blog comments.

    I treat each site on tier one as a independent site. <---- Thats important

  • thanks!

    How many tier 1 links are you using usually for mid-hard competition?
  • Hi Moonshine,

    This is a open ended question. 

    How many tier ones, sometimes it only needs 10 sometimes 50. Sometimes a lot more.

    I dont care about competition, the more competition that's out there, means that its good money. Also sometimes I see competing sites up there with spammy links. When I see that I know I can compete. 

    It all depends on the keyword you are dealing with. I like to take the easy keywords and then over time rank for the harder keywords. 

    Just take your time, don't think about tomorrow, think long term just find a process for you that works and analyze everything you do. If its not working then change it.

    The problem that most people have is that the sit and read forums everyday. Get out there and test everything to see how it works and what works. 

    If it works rinse and repeat.
  • Thanks for all the great tips!
  • edited March 2015
    Moz PA/DA can be alternative but its crap in my opinion. Moz database is small, its easy to pump PA/DA + in offshore countries moz dont have big database so foregin sites with alot of backlinks show 0 or few backlinks in opensiteexplorer.

    if you want to be extra safe dont use SER for T1. lets say page have high PA/DA or high PR - if  SER can post to this site sooner or later it will be spammed to death so it wont be high quality.

    Only way to tell is website is high quality or not is make query to google: viagra
    And check number of results.
    Website can have high PR but i dont think you want links from website with high PR and tons of links to viagra, pills and porn sites.

    Manual content on tier 2,3 etc is in my opinion waste of time. I rank spun crap for long tails without problem. Google is not able to know if content is write by hand or not.

  • Hi Satyr85,

    Thats fine, you do it your way, i will do it mine. No problems.

    Thanks Moonshine!
  • @satyr85 Does Majestic not have an unlimited API on their higher plans that could be worked into SER?

    I know softwares like PR PowerShot allow you to sort by TF.

    Also if @Sven decides to work TF/CF into SER the Ratio between the two is probably the best way to sort.
  • PR is gone long time ago.

    Can we see Majestic metrics also to filter urls for those who want to use paid majestic account. I am comfortable with SER and not interested with scrapebox for this filtering. 

    @Sven  do we see this feature in the near future ?

  • SvenSven
    their api is no longer free.
  • edited May 2017

      I know they are not free , i mentionted this"to filter urls for those who want to use paid majestic account"   in my last post

    Without some sort of quality filtering , SER is just throwing out junk links. It's high time to get some quality after demise of PR.
  • @sven already tell here "majestic, ahrefs, are on their to do list" we hope it released soon. im already wait a long time for this :)@ksatul
  • edited May 2017
    lets see how long is taken 

  • @sven  anything yet regarding the majestic TF implementation in GSA
  • kxpkxp United States
    My hope is that he adds support for DomDetailer API as that allows access to both Majestic and Moz for a small price and you don't have to maintain a monthly subscription.
  • at the moment something is better than nothing
  • @Sven

    Plesae consider about domdetailer
  • SvenSven
    I have added support for domdetailer in latest updates of GSA Proxy Scraper (Metric Scanner + PR Emulator) and GSA PR Emulator.
  • haryonoharyono in your heart
    I get banned when using majestic API with my SB metric checker so avoid. solution: you can use bulk check in majestic dashboard if subscribed.
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