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GSA SEO Indexer should i buy it?

hello everyone i am planning to buy gsa seo indexer what is your opinion of this is it good? 
have you succesfully indexed your links with it? thank you 


  • SvenSven

    You are asking this on a forum from the software developer. So you will of course get a "YES IT IS A MUST HAVE" answer from me ;)

    But seriously, with 20 USD you can not do anything wrong with this tool. It helps getting sites indexed. Of course some services have a better rate but are usually way more expensive.

  • @sven i read some threads about the software and some say that it uses a lot of CPU, also is it recommended to use it with proxies or without?
  • $20 is a steal. For smaller batches of links it does pretty good, and if you have an extra older machine around it really is a great inexpensive option that provides good results overall. I always use proxies, and links do get indexed.
  • SvenSven
    Well we have a demo version. Test it and see if it uses too much CPU resources. In the end its you controlling it by increaing/decreasing the amount of used threads and other settings.
  • @sven when i try to buy gsa seo indexer it does not let may with paypal how can i pay?
  • SvenSven
    Whats the error message?
  • i think it was something from the site eventually i managed to buy the software hope to make good use of it
  • Definitely, if you're on a budget then its a very useful tool.
  • @sven @dwwwb @unkown717i submitted my links yesterday how long do i need to wait to see any results?
  • SvenSven
    Im not google so it's up tho them really. It also depends on the content quality itself.
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      @sven no offense for your software but  i think that gsa seo indexer is a total waste of money i have been running this software for 4 days submitting my urls several times for indexing but not a single link is indexed @dwwb @unkownhow do you guys have succes with it i mean after how long do you see your backlinks indexed?
  • dwwwbdwwwb 94941
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    It really depends on the link. How prominent is the domain? How unique is the content? Is is content worth indexing? What country? What is the traffic profile of the TLD? Do you have a tier linking to that link?

    There are so many factors and variables it can make your head spin... also how are you determining if the links are indexed?

    I can index unique blog posts on some sites in less than 60 minutes. That is far different than a garbled spun post on a blasted adsense page in nowhere land.

    Consistent testing and observation will help you find the best combinations, keep at it.
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    mihais see here -> ^^

    It really depends, I can't give you an exact date. Sometimes links (not all links) get indexed within a day or two, but sometimes after a week.
  • Maybe ask on the DigitalPoint forum...
  • @dwwwb i'm using a list from @ron service serlists and yes i'm building tier links 3 tiers i'm using spun content spinned with bestfreespiner maybe that's the case anyways i will build more links and hope to index them and run them with the gsa seo indexer @unkown717 thanks for your answer @judderman also thanks for your answer i already know that forum and is full of crap that's why i aksed on this forum. Kuddos everyone
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