Keywords ... The more the Better?


1. Is it  case of the more keywords i have to find urls the better?

ie 20000 keywords is better than 1000 ?

2. Also in this day of link building is it always wise to use keywords to find target urls for tier 1 links to moneysite?

3. If you do not click on always use keywords to find target sites, does it still use the keywords to find sites or will it just post to any sites that fuful other criteria (pr,outbound links etc..)



  • SvenSven

    1. depends on the engines you use. All dark green engines usually need keywords to find targets. So if you use them, make sure you use good keywords. But I can only advise you to use project related keywords (others have other views about this and add everything they get...even stop words).

    2. again depends on your engine selection. I personally do not care about it too much as long as the posted article/content is on an own site not with other things together.

    3. see point 1.

  • Sven,

    Thanks for the reply,

    I still do not understand, If i do not click on use keywords to find target sites, will GSA still use the keywords for the dark green engines that usually need keywords?

  • SvenSven
    Yes, for those it will always use keywords. For the light green just sometimes, the rest not (just footprints).
  • @sven .... so would you recommend having the options always use keywords to find target sites checked or not?

    if we want relevant keyword links to moneysite?

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Well I would not use it but if of course helps to get content from sites related to keywords. It's a personal view about SEO.
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