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Sent File Not Being Updated

edited March 2015 in GSA Email Spider
Hi @Sven,

I'm noticing something weird, the sent file is not always being updated after ES sends out emails. For example, I ran a project on the 14-15th, it sent out over 1000 emails, I made sure to save it once it was done. Today I decided to run this project to continue and I noticed only some of the results had that little green symbol when in fact all of them should have it since I am certain that I've sent emails to all of them. I went ahead and check the sent file in ES Program folder and I looked at the time stamp and it says on the 13th but it should say on the 14th or 15th.

This is the second time this has happened, I've only ran the program like 5x. I don't remember if this has happened before the program update or not. I never paid attention to the sent file until a few day's ago.

Is this a bug?


  • SvenSven
    At least I hear from this the first time. Did ES crash or something? Because this file is written imeedientl after sending emails.
  • Nope, ES didn't crash. Let me try once more just to be certain, i'll update this tread in a few hours...
  • I went ahead and sent you a video...
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