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Can someone tell me if Kontent machines spinner is any good or should i be looking at something like best spinner


  • TheGypsyTheGypsy Madrid
    Accepted Answer
    As long as I know KM is a article creator while The Best Spinner is a manual spinner. These are different tools for different tasks.
    However, I am not familiar with KM at all. If it has a manual spinner module it must be just as good as any other manual spinner. Some people love TBS others are happy with the free version of tools like Chimprewriter, Spinnerchief etc.. as well.
    I've got TBS which is a well crafted tool. I tried chimprewriter which is cool and spinnerchief too but manual spinning is a pain no matter what tool you use.
  • shaunshaun https://www.youtube.com/ShaunMarrs
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    It depends on the outcome you want mate, in my opinion KM is a waste of time, I literally only use it now to quickly fill all the fields out in SER and then I replace it with high quality manually spun articles.

    Manually spun articles are the way forward in my oppinion, to make those you need something like the best spinner or spinner cheif, the latter has a free trial that will serve the majority of your needs for now.
  • sysco32sysco32 Skopje
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    I am using also KM,for all tiers to spam my parasites.To be honest,if you give a good read of the articles it is completely useless.It puts things together in an article like baby spinach and baby diapers...smh

    But to fill all the rest it is perfect.
  • craigbal1craigbal1 United Kingdom
    I was thinking manual spinning with best spinner thanks guys
  • Accepted Answer
    Hey craigbal1,

    Kontent Machine is not a spinner. What you get out of it depends entirely on how you set it up.
    However, Kontent Machine has a free built-in spinner. We are not spinner developers and if you are looking for a high-quality word/phrase level spinner I would recommend signing up for a paid one.

    Georgi @KontentMachine.com
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